Moving forward together.

In September 2019, leaders of the Indiana Young Democrats developed a strategic plan for their work over the next three years. This plan was informed by survey responses and feedback from organizational members and chapter members. The Strategic Planning Team conducted an analysis of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, determined a mission and vision for the organization, and developed a plan outlining strategic goals, objectives, and strategies.

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To mobilize young people to get involved and to support champions for IYD issues.




Indiana Young Democrats will be a major voice in elections. We strive for a statewide network of chapters and will engage and build coalitions between diverse groups. IYD will be a key advisor within the party to recruit and elect young Democratic candidates and cultivate champions for issues important to the organization. We will be the go-to organization for candidates and campaign staff for fundraising and learning new campaign methods and strategies. Our legacy is the engagement and mobilization of young people that is paramount to turning Indiana blue.


The Strategic Planning Team established five goals and corresponding objectives and strategies that are the roadmap for our work over the next three years. Our plan is ambitious and requires a tremendous amount of work, but it is necessary to reach our vision.



Build internal capacity and formalize organizational structures and processes

Foster a statewide network of Young Democrats through chapter outreach and growth

Establish foundational programming to provide opportunities for consistent engagement

Recruit and elect more
Democrats throughout Indiana