January 7th, 2021

Indiana Young Democrats issued the following statement today in response to the terrorist activity in Washington D.C.:

“On Wednesday Georgia officially elected the first Black Senator and the first Jewish Senator in their state’s history. Nationally, Reverend Warnock will be the first Liberal Black Senator from a former Confederate state since Reconstruction. Jon Ossoff will be the first Jewish Senator from the South since the 1800’s.

“While yesterday should go down in our country’s history as a testament to the strength our country finds in its diversity, it will long be remembered for other reasons.

“We saw domestic terrorists, abetted by a sitting President, successfully siege the Capitol and delay the election of a President-elect. Yesterday was the first time that the Capitol has been breached since the British invaded the building in the War of 1812. This was an attack on our democracy and a coup tacitly supported by President Trump and the Republican Party. As representatives of Indiana, Mike Braun, Jackie Walorski, and Jim Banks enabled this attack on our republic by White Nationalist terrorists.

“White Nationalism has risen through the passive support of President Trump over the last four years. These events are the culmination of Trumpism, but are the tip of the iceberg of White Nationalism. Our democracy didn’t fall, this time. What we have seen is that Black Lives Matter peaceful protests for racial justice have been deemed as violent, but after seeing what has transpired today, we know that this portrayal is deeply rooted in white privilege. The injustices against Black people in America have been disregarded by the very people who have sworn to protect them and be held accountable as their representatives, President Trump included. We see where he and many Republicans stand after their refusal to peacefully transfer power to the Biden-Harris administration. As Young Democrats in Indiana, we are committed to racial equity in this country, calling out White Nationalism for what it is, and holding those accountable for their threats against our Democracy.”