Dec 22nd, 2020

          In January 2017, I went to a meeting at the Democratic Headquarters in St Joseph County, not knowing what to expect. I wanted to get involved in politics, but I didn’t know how. During the course of the meeting, I stood up and told my healthcare story. While others were still talking, Tony Flora leaned over and “whispered” while handing me his card: “You seem like you’ll be here a while. I’m Tony Flora with the AFL-CIO of Northern Indiana.”

          It turns out he was right. I have been here a while, and I will continue this fight for him. At the time, I lacked confidence and knowledge in the political system. Just his simple act of handing me his card, as if I was somebody he needed to network with, gave me confidence when I needed it most. Our continued conversations over the next few years gave me knowledge in politics. It also taught me that his abrupt introduction was so very Tony of him. I am so sad about his passing, but I know that his fight lives on in so many others he has inspired like me. Though older than our 35-year age limit, his advice, education, and unwavering support of the St. Joseph County Young Democrats has earned him an honorary young-at-heart membership status. His legacy will live on through our work.  Rest in power, dear friend.


Jennica Liberatore

President of St. Joseph County Young Democrats

2nd District Chair of Indiana Young Democrats