July 9th, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — The Indiana Young Democrats (IYD) announced today that the organization endorsed the platform recommendations of the DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council, being the third state to sign on alongside California and Michigan.


The DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council is a permanent entity of the DNC, or Democratic National Committee. The Climate Council “was established to push the Democratic Party to take bold and urgent action addressing the climate crisis and other environmental issues. The Council is recommending a sweeping set of policies for inclusion in the new four-year 2020 Democratic Party platform,” according to their website.


The platform includes a number of major policy proposals and is largely geared towards developing working-class jobs. The platform proposes “establish(ing) a federal Just Transition Task Force to develop a program supporting communities and workers impacted by the climate crisis and the transition to renewables, and fund the program.”


Indiana Young Democrats Communications Director, Austin Matheny, believes the platform recommendations provide an opportunity for environmental advocacy groups to bridge an existing divide with working-class Americans. “The issues facing communities of color, our native communities, our global economy, our national security, working-class Americans, and our environment have been seen as separate issues. What I think we’re seeing now during the COVID crisis is that people on all sides of the political spectrum are saying “Whatever is happening now just isn’t working for anyone”. Climate change is a bigger economic threat than Coronavirus, and we have tens of millions of unemployed Americans right now. This climate platform, and electing Joe Biden to enact this platform, can take on the issues jointly facing working-class Americans, communities of color, native communities, and our environment.”


Indiana has two Young Democrats of America National Committeepersons, Dyna Martinez and Matthew Kochevar, who support the recommendations as well.


Dyna Martinez had this to say: “I am so excited to support a bold, progressive, and transformative proposal. The science and data does not lie. We know that climate change disproportionately affects marginalized communities. This is not just an investment in our economy and the environment but an investment on our futures. I am looking forward to the DNC enacting  these ambitious policies and working with the Biden campaign to make sure that these are priorities moving forward. I’m extremely proud of the leadership our executive board has taken on supporting such recommendations.” 


Matthew Kochevar is encouraged by the bold plans being put forward. “Climate change is the single greatest crisis young people and future generations face on this planet. It has and will continue to affect every person on this planet, but most harshly indigenous people, people of color, and low income people who long suffer from policies that greatly affect their health and well being. For a person to attain their goals in life and for all of us to achieve as individuals and as a community we must have a planet that we can live on. The DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council’s recommendations for the 2020 Democratic Party platform set the right policy goals for conquering this crisis. It sets bold action to address years of dithering inaction by policymakers that will be based on science and data, will grow a new sector of the American economy that will provide high quality, family-sustaining jobs and will re-grow the ranks of our labor organizations, and will address the long history of environmental injustice faced by so many Americans. I encourage the Platform Committee to include these recommendations into the party platform for approval by the Democratic National Convention.”


Michelle Deatrick Council Chair said UN a statement:

The DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis is thrilled to have earned the Indiana Young Democrats’ support. Hoosiers know we need to act on climate now. Despite nearing 100,000 clean energy jobs, Indiana has the top carbon emissions per capita in the Midwest.

Environmental justice and frontline empowerment can uplift communities of color from Gary to Indianapolis. A renewable energy transition can create tens of thousands of good union jobs, making use of the state’s abandoned automobile industrial infrastructure primed for a second life. Mitigating against climate change will protect Indiana’s family farmers faced with extreme flooding and factory farms destroying bottom lines while polluting waterways.

I am so grateful to the Indiana Young Democrats for their endorsement of our ambitious national platform recommendations. These are winning issues for Democrats, key to both leading the way on climate action and regaining the state’s Democratic congressional and state house majorities. We look forward to working now and in the future with IYD and many other youth Democratic groups across the country, from the Young Democrats of Michigan and California, to the College Democrats of Minnesota, to the Young Democrats of America’s Hispanic and Veterans’ Caucuses–and many more. Together, we urge the DNC to adopt our bold platform and lead Democrats to victory in November.

The Climate Council recommended platform will be voted on at the 2020 DNC National Convention, which is being held remotely while based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Convention and vote on the platform recommendations will occur from August 17th through August 20th. The platform can be found at

You can also go to their website and publish your support the platform recommendations: