Welcome from the New President

Welcome from the New President

To say that 2016 was a bad year for democrats is an understatement. Democrats are lost in the wilderness.  Since election day, we have seen a President Trump and Republicans in Washington stagger from one calamity to another. Here in Indiana, Republicans in the statehouse have ignored the middle class by refusing to even study Hoosier wages, and they have marginalized Hoosiers wanting fair representation by killing redistricting reform.

Democrats must fight back, and success relies upon engaging young people and bringing them into the Democratic Party. Not just in the usual democratic areas, but across the whole state. To that end, the Indiana Young Democrats (IYD) will expand our presence outside of Marion, Lake, Allen, and Vanderburgh counties with the goal of expanding from 7 counties represented by IYD to 31 counties by March 2018.

In order to do this, we will need to raise resources, both financial and otherwise, to support our local chapters and prepare for 2018. IYD will seek greater involvement and support from our elected officials. We will provide greater structurally support to our local chapters to make sure we can maximize our impact in more areas.

There is a tremendous amount of energy out there, and I welcome the opportunity to bring that energy into the Indiana Young Democrats and the Indiana Democratic Party to chart a new path out of the wilderness. We have been here before, and we found out way out before. We can find our way out of the wilderness again.

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