Statement on the ACHA

Statement on the ACHA

Today, House Republicans abdicated their civic duty to govern seriously by passing Trump’s so-called healthcare bill. Every national healthcare and medical association opposed this bill. House Republicans said they don’t care. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has not even finished scoring the bill. House Republicans said they don’t care. The Indiana Republican Representatives refused to attend town halls, and constituents all across the state called their representatives only to find inboxes that were full. House Republicans said they don’t care.

This plan now means a mother and her baby may experience dramatic increases in their premiums if they experience medical problems during the birth because they are now considered pre-existing conditions, and insurance companies can now charge more for that. The same can be said of cancer patients and AIDS patients. And it is now possible for victims of sexual assault to be denied by their insurance companies because it is considered a “pre-existing” condition. In all, estimates say nearly 325,000 Hoosiers and 24 million Americans may be negatively affected by what they’ve done today.

The Indiana Republican Representative Delegation has shown their true feelings. They simply don’t care about their promises to us or their constituents at all. They care about cheap wins that only make life harder for Hoosiers. That’s unacceptable. And we, the Indiana Young Democrats won’t stand for it.

The fight is not over. Trump’s healthcare bill moves to the Senate next where they will consider the bill. Call Senator Todd Young now at 202-224-5623 and demand he vote against this bill. Call Senator Joe Donnelly at 202-224-4814 and thank him for opposing this bill.

Phone: 317-294-5959