Executive Committee

About Our Team

I think we have a number of young people – like yourself – who want to make a difference.

Former Senator Birch Bayh

Executive Committee

President – Daqavise Winston (Indianapolis, IN)

Vice President – Ali Brown (Indianapolis, IN)

Treasurer – Katie Doyle (Indianapolis, IN)

Secretary – James Wells (Indianapolis, IN)

National Committee Representative – Arielle Brandy (South Bend, IN)

National Committee Representative – Matthew Kochevar (Indianapolis, IN)

1st District Chair – James B. Dillon, Sr. (Gary, IN)

2nd District Chair – Jennica Liberatore (South Bend, IN)

3rd District Chair – Tashira Terry (Fort Wayne, IN)

4th District Chair – Vacant

5th District Chair – Vacant

6th District Chair – Ethan Hudson (Muncie, IN)

7th District Chair – Belinda Drake (Indianapolis, IN)

8th District Chair – James Powell (Evansville, IN)

9th District Chair – Cory Ray (Bloomington, IN)

College Democrats of Indiana President – Emma Woods (Evansville, IN)

Indiana High School Democrats President – Darby Fitzsimmons (Bloomington, IN)

Phone: 317-294-5959